Gardens are little pieces of heaven that enrich our souls, a place where we can disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. These natural temples accept us as we are and ask us for nothing in return and encourage our spiritual growth. It’s a place where we can just be and indulge in our surroundings and be at ease with oneself. 

“The Garden” installation is a fantastical garden that simulates an enchanted fairy tale like scenario which embraces the spirit of Chippendale, glimmering in the dark, in this case glowing in the dark.

The installation was tailor made to the Kensington Contemporary Gallery, Chippendale for the 2016 Beams Festival.

 ABOUT BEAMS: BEAMS is a flash in the night of colour, form, movement and sound, descending upon the streets of Chippendale to illuminate the creative talent of Sydney.

This multi-disciplinary arts festival showcases work from the whole spectrum of the arts, with creatives coming together in the hundreds to surge the voltage of ideas and inspiration.

For one night only each September, the cutting-edge curatorial emphasis of BEAMS by the Chippendale Creative Precinct provides a scintillating insight into the minds of Sydney’s best forward-thinking talent.

Wandering through the art-filled laneways of Chippendale, audiences will experience a night of communal ‘enlightenment’. Festivaliers also enjoy the opportunity to directly participate through hands-on art-making, workshops and plein air performances.

The Garden Installation, selected for Beams Festival 2016

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