Jacqueline is an Australian abstract artist based in Sydney, Australia who studied Visual Arts at the “Instituto Superior del Arte” National University of Paraguay.

Jacqueline’s childhood fascinations lead her on an artistic journey, after finishing high school she moved from Adelaide to Encarnacion, Paraguay where she studied Graphic Design. At the age of 21 she undertook realism painting tutoring lessons for almost three years with a Paraguayan painter by the name of Celicia Hewstone inAsuncion. From 2001-2004 she attended the “Instituto Superior del Arte”, National University of Asuncion where her passion for abstract art started to unfold and develop her artistic career.

While at university she had a number of influential tutors that encouraged the development of her painting style. The spontaneity of abstract expressionism enables her toexpress a certain situation in a specific point in time. Essential elements such as experiences, emotions and musical influences are the main motivations of her creations. Being able to play with colours, sounds and diving into a state of mind that becomes an overwhelming experience, permits her to translate non-tangible experiences into visual forms.

Jacqueline has exhibited a number of solo exhibitions including “After Effects” held at the Art House Sydney 2010, “Reflections of Abstract Harmonies ll” held at the Archetype Gallery Sydney 2007, “Paso a Paso” held at the Centro Cultural Paraguayo Americano in 2004 Asuncion Paraguay and "Reflection of Abstract Harmonies" held at La Plazita, Asuncion, Paraguay 2002. She has also participated in a number of group exhibitions with fellow artists in Asuncion, Paraguay and will be an Artist in Residence at Mountain Seas, Flinders Island Tasmania in September 2016.

Artist Statement

As a contemporary visual artist the foundation of my practice is based on the spontaneity of abstract expressionism. It enables me to express and translate a non-tangible experience into a visual form enabling viewers into my visual world. 

My paintings are inspired by my natural environment, music and experiences are created with acrylic paints and palette knives. I use the fast paced technique of using a palette knife to create textural qualities, expressive gestures, enhance light and movement. 

I also experiment with drawings, mixed media, lithographs, video and installation to complement my painting technique. The execution of my craftsmanship and aesthetics is paramount to my artistic growth & development. 

My mixed media and photo collage pieces represent elements of construction, deconstruction and repetition to create harmoniously balanced images.